About Pandemic Resources

Pandemic Resources is an Australian not-for-profit entity (registration pending) that provides innovation in pandemic response. Our first program is the very practical HEPA filter air purification program to help protect essential services and businesses and their clients. Read more here
Our work for essential services is pro-bono or low fee and any excess funds are directed to the work of the organisation, research, advocacy, and policy development. Pandemic Resources is supported by: 

Dr Craig Dalton is an Australian public health physician who has been working on the COVID-19 pandemic since it began.  He is a conjoint Associate Professor at the University of Australia (link). His early training in communicable disease control was as an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer at the US Centers for Disease Control. He was founder of the Australian Flutracking.net surveillance system that has expanded to New Zealand and Hong Kong. He has published several scientific articles on the COVID-19 pandemic including a paper endorsed by the US Whitehouse Taskforce on Coronavirus as the basis for their community control guidance.

 Mr Chris Purkiss is an Australia mechanical engineer with a track record in project engineering and maintenance engineering. He has a keen interest in innovation and organisational change. He has served on several non-profit boards.   

Financial Disclosure
Dr Craig Dalton provides pro bono advice and support to Pandemic Resources programs and receives no income from the organisation.  Mr Chris Purkiss provides pro bono development support for overall Pandemic Resources programs and receives hourly remuneration for direct client support such as inspections, assessment, and maintenance.  


Contact us at info@pandemicresources.org

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